Nolan on the Issues
Because You Matter

When you decide to support someone, it’s an act of trust.  You trust that person to think about you, and vote and act in your best interests because you matter. Rick looks forward to meeting you on the campaign trail, and discussing your concerns personally. 

Jobs! Jobs!  Jobs!

As the former owner of a sawmill and pallet factory, Rick Nolan has created real jobs here in northern Minnesota.  We need a congressman who knows how to meet a payroll and balance a budget.  A congressman who will fight the way one of his mentors, governor Rudy Perpich, fought for good paying, secure jobs.  We need a congressman who will go anywhere, and meet with anyone, to bring good jobs to the 8th congressional district.  Rick Nolan will do that!

Rebuilding America and Jobs

Rebuilding America’s infrastructure – roads, bridges, wastewater treatment, mass transit and high-speed light-rail, would improve our quality of life, create millions of good paying jobs, and strengthen our economy. We can pay for this by ending the Bush tax cuts and loopholes for the rich, and by pulling back our military footprint in countries like Japan that pose no threat to us whatsoever. 


Don’t turn Medicare into a voucher system for insurance companies, which will mean higher costs and less treatment.  Instead, focus on ending massive fraud and abuse in states like Michigan and Florida. Integrate seamless electronic transfer between payers and providers to ensure the validity of all claims and protect patient information.  Require the government to negotiate on behalf of the American people to lower pharmaceutical prices under Medicare Part D.

Social Security

Social Security is a compact with the American people that must be honored.  Don’t turn it over to Wall Street.  Stabilize the Social Security Fund for generations to come by requiring the very rich to pay Social Security taxes on a higher percentage of their income.

Health Care

The right wing is determined to un-do and destroy health care reform.  We are determined to make sure that all Americans have access to affordable health care.  No one should ever again face bankruptcy to pay a medical bill, or be forced to choose between medical treatment and the basic necessities of life.  Rick Nolan will return to Washington to lead the fight.

We need to protect Medicare, increase preventitive care, help young Americans receive coverage as thety enter the working world, and make sure that pre-existing conditions can never be used as a reason to deny someone medical services they need.

Labor and Working Families

We are the Democratic-Farmer-LABOR party.  End the war on public employees and working families.  Guarantee collective bargaining rights.  Pass the Employee Free Choice Act and pension reform. Accord organized labor and working families the respect they earned as they built the middle class in America!

Education for America’s Future

As a former teacher and proud member of the MEA (now Education Minnesota) before his election to the Minnesota House and to Congress, Rick’s spent a lifetime fighting for an educational system that provides every young person with the opportunity to learn and achieve to full potential. As a State Representative, Rick was one of the architects of the Minnesota Miracle, the most progressive tax and school finance system in the nation. As 8th District Congressman, Rick will lead the progressive drive to:

  • Fix a broken college loan system that saddles many graduates with crushing debt they will spend most of their working lives attempting to repay.  Higher education must be a right for all – not simply a privilege for the well off.  America’s future depends on it!
  • Boost teacher compensation to levels commensurate with the enormous contributions they make to our kids, our communities, and our nation.
  • Reform No Child Left Behind so teachers will be free to teach to the child, instead of to the test. 
  • Fully fund elementary and secondary education and supply every school with all the 21st Century technology and resources necessary to provide every student with the resources they need to succeed.
  • Fully fund federal mandates, lifting those costs from state and local governments and taxpayers.
  • Assure that no child, regardless of age, race, gender, physical or mental challenge, income or sexual orientation, be subjected to bullying, harassment or discrimination of any kind as they pursue their right to a great education.
  • Expand early childhood education initiatives, so every child will be ready to succeed to full potential, in school and in life.

Farms and Small Businesses

As the former owner of, and current investor in a sawmill and pallet factory in Emily, Rick has created real jobs right here at home.  As former Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Family Farms & Rural Development, he knows how to fight and win for rural America in Congress.

Exports and Jobs

Rick has lived and traveled all over the world.  As a founder, chairman and president of the Minnesota World Trade Center Corporation, he worked with Governor Rudy Perpich to help create 328,000 jobs and put Minnesota on the map in the global economy. Rick will work to expand the Port of Duluth and its role in making Minnesota a leading export state. He will fight for fair trade and tax policies to encourage and protect good American jobs. 

The Environment

The environment, our air, lakes, rivers and forests, are crucial to our 8th district economy.  The degradation of our air and water, along with global warming, threaten the very survival of our species here on mother earth.  We must protect the environment in order to preserve our way of life and our tourism industry.

The Deficit

There are lots of ways to reduce the deficit without declaring war on the middle class and public employees. End the Bush tax cuts for the rich and bring our troops home from the Middle East, and from countries that pose no danger to the U.S. such as Japan.  Those changes alone could save trillions of dollars.

Wars in the Middle East

America is deeply involved in expensive wars with no apparent plan for winning them or concluding them. We need to devote those resources to jobs and the economy here at home.  So bring the troops home now.

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